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Salvador de Bahia – FIAC – September ’13

22 Okt

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we were in Malaysia.. Kuala Lumpur Tari 13 and Penang PAC

22 Okt

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16 Jun

ECHO. It’s just a temporary thing.

25. bis 27.06.2013 // 20 Uhr // UFER_STUDIOS Berlin / Studio 14

Ticketreservierung  Reservix 01805-700 733 / / Abendkasse

03./07.07.2013 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) / ASWARA Experimental Theatre 

10.07.2013 Penang (Malaysia)  / Penang PAC

www.schwarzplusgrafik.deDancer and chgrapher Riki von Falken taught contemporary dance and choreography at Aswara in 2010, where she encountered traditional Malay, Indian and Chinese dances and also the Silat tradition. She discovered similarities between these traditions and her own abstract form of dancing. During her residency in Kuala Lumpur in 2011 Riki von Falken created ECHO II, a contemporary choreography for eight Malaysian dancers of Aswara. Naim Syahrazad, who was one of them, met Riki again in Berlin in 2012 where they intensified ther artistic exchange. Thus “Echo. It’s just a temporary thing” was produced.

In this production the two dancers deal with their own individual dance styles and also add what they have learnt from each other, in a way they create aencounter and a successful fusion of different dance traditions. “Echo” premiered in Berlin in October 2012 and was highly praised by the critics. It is now performed again in Berlin and then brought to Kuala Lumpur and Penang within Tari ’13. Riki von Falken works as a dancer and choreographer in Berlin since 1981 and belongs to the most important personalities in the field of dance in Germany. Naim Syahrazad is a member of Aswara Dance company, in 2011 he was chosen to take part in the Asia Pacific Young Choreographer’s Workshop in Taiwan.

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Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Germany) // Nationales Performance Netzwerk (Germany) // Goethe Institute Malaysia


16 Jun

druckfrisch… Naim Syahrazad wird zum Hoffnungsträger des Jahres der Zeitschrift tanz


Foto: Franziska Schwarz

Foto: Franziska Schwarz


Wiederaufnahme in Berlin – Uferstudios

22 Apr

Für Alle, die ECHO. It’s just a temporary thing. noch nicht gesehen haben…

Wiederaufnahme vom 25. bis 27.06.2013 in den Uferstudios Berlin